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In case you missed it - The MOST Flexible Software NGFW Consumption Model

L7 Applicator


Hey there everyone.. 

I wanted to take a second and let everyone know that Palo Alto Networks has just released a Brand New way to consume Software NGFW.


You may have seen the banner on the main page.. which will link you to this blog:

The Industry’s Most Flexible Software NGFW Consumption Model


The reason that this is so very important for you to know about, if you use VM-Series software NGFW, is because this will now make spinning up and spinning down, spending and getting credits so much easier. 


We even have videos documenting every step of the journey, from logging in, to activating and deactivating firewalls. 

Please check it all out here:

New Software NGFW Credits and Videos 


Be sure to check out the blog and let us know your thoughts!! 


Have a great day!! 

LIVEcommunity team member
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