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Ansible created rules getting "hip-profiles is a duplicate node" when modified through GUI.

L1 Bithead

Panorama is on version 10.0.1 and device is on version 9.1.x.  


I am able to create rules in Panorama and the rules are pushed to the device.  Everything looks fine at this point.

When I modify the rules through GUI, like adding a group tag, etc.   Panorama doesn't complain, but pushing to the device always fails with "hip-profiles is a duplicate node".  There is no HIP defined and all the rules has 'any' as 'HIP Profile'.  


Version differences might be what's going on here, but I would like to know what the ansbile scripts are doing to causing this issue and find a way to avoid this.


has anyone had simliar experience with this?



Who Me Too'd this topic