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Mitel Border Gateway / Teleworker

L3 Networker

Hi all,

I'm having a problem getting Mitel's Border Gateway (formerly known as Teleworker) working properly. For those not in the know... Mitel is a large VOIP phone system company and they have various addons, including a server which would typically sit in your DMZ and allow remote workers to have a handset in their home / remote location as if they were in the office. The server has an private (RFC1918 IP Address) and the firewall NATs a public IP  to the server, just as many other setups would work.

The phone in the remote location is configured to communicate with the public IP of the Teleworker server which in turn translates to the Teleworker server which then makes contact with the internal VOIP devices as necessary. No special programming is required on the remote users router. It's designed (sadly!) so that all the hard work is done at the company firewall...

The problem I have is that when the remote user calls an internal number, there is two way audio. When the intenal extension calls the remote user, there is one way audio - the remote person can't hear the audio.

As much as I'd like to blame Mitel and the telephony engineers, when we had it working behind a Check Point (sorry for swearing) firewall, it was fine. Behind the Palo, I'm getting the above mentioned grief.

Does anyone have any experience with getting this working!



Who Me Too'd this topic