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TS-Agent CANNOT redistribute user-ip-port mappings

L4 Transporter

I wanted to put this out in the forum to to save someone time and answer the question on the use case of TS-Agents participating in user-id redistribution. In a long trouble-shooting period and TAC engagement, it was confirmed that you cannot redistribute user-id mappings obtained from a Terminal Services (TS) agent.

We have submitted a FR for this capability but until that wins the FR voting battle we have to program the TS-agent on every cluster that is to use a user-id policy from the server.
Down side to this is we have an RDHS environment that will dynamically spin up another RDSH server and use the next available IP in the subnet range when it reaches a user cap (about 10 users per server). This has forced use to program a very large range of TS-agents on each cluster that users would connect through on user-id policies. Not ideal and limited to the hardware capacity. 

Who Me Too'd this topic