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Hi @julio.toledo, the API structure for this feature will match what you see in the GUI, where there are indeed mandatory fields (the red boxes) like destination ports, and protocol is a drop-down between TCP/UDP/ICMP:


Test Policy Match GUI ScreenshotTest Policy Match GUI Screenshot


I think this feature is designed to give people a way to test if specific traffic will theoretically pass through the firewall, rather than the very broad and almost audit-type requirement which you have. If you talk with your allocated Systems Engineer or reseller (if you're unsure who they are, send me a direct message on here and I will assist) then they will be able to discuss your requirements and potentially raise a feature request.

Other options to fulfil your requirements would involve an approach of systematically checking the live configurations of your firewall estate, by exporting the Panorama running config and walking through the XML data in your programming language of choice.

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