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Palo Alto Networks,
August 2, 2021


Dear Expedition Users,


During the years, we have evidenced a sustained and increased usage of the Expedition 1.0 tool, earlier known as the Migration Tool. As many of you know, we want to increase the number of functionalities in our tools, to enhance existing functionalities and to improve their quality.


To achieve these improvements, we have decided to join efforts with Professional Services. A dedicated team in Professional Services will take ownership of the code used for configuration translations from third party vendors to PANOS.


This strategy will improve the migrations that we have been offering during the years with the Expedition tool, 

  • increasing the resources in the team dedicated to the translations, 
  • improving the quality assurance with fewer bugs,
  • having a closer the relationship with the Professional Services consultants that consume the translation functionalities on a daily basis, 
  • increasing the number of Use Cases that are supported and
  • decreasing the response time to support new functionalities ,

making the migrations in your projects more pleasant and efficient.


As a consequence, we have taken the decision to postpone the launch of Expedition 2.0 until April 2022, to guarantee the quality of the release and to extend the functionalities that the tool will provide. During this period, Expedition 1.0 will continue to be supported by the Expedition team, and we are working on updating our code and installation process to make it available for Ubuntu Server 20.04.


We would like to remark that Expedition 2.0 will continue being offered free of charge, as well as the translations from third party vendors to PANOS.


The Expedition Team


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