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Cyber Elite
Cyber Elite

Good question!  How do you size the HA2 links?  I haven't seen any documentation on this, but I ran into this video on YouTube ->  Go to 1:15:47.


If my math is correct, the PA-3250 supports 63,700 connections per second which requires 122 Mbps over Ethernet.  In this table, I would populate the IP and UDP headers if used.  The Bytes per Connection is the total of the indented rows.  The Total Bits per Second = row1*row2*row7.


Connections per Second        63,700
Bytes per Connection                  238
     Session Sync Bytes                220
     Ethernet Header/FCS               18
     IP header (20)                             0
     UDP Header (8)                          0
Bits per Byte                                   8
Total Bits per Second    121,284,800


So, GE or higher is plenty, assuming the bytes per connection in the video is correct.

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