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L5 Sessionator

Here is one of the ways through which configuration for  uril-filtering objects could be exported via CLI.

Step1 :

Set the CLI output format to display "set" commands in Configuration mode,also settting Pager off  disables the paging function which is enabled by default.

> set cli config-output-format set

> set cli pager off

Step 2:

> configure

admin@PA-500> configure

Entering configuration mode

Step 3 :

Log the Cli Session

Step 4 :

# edit profiles url-filtering <name>

[edit profiles url-filtering <name>]                                                                                                                                         

admin@PA-500# show

<This would display all the set commands associated with the URL filtering profile in question.>

Step 4 :

Copy and paste this output on the New Firewall in configuration mode and commit the changes.



Who rated this post