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rest API rule modification with Panorama

Hello, and thanks for whatever help you can provide.

I am trying to create a script that will modify one rule from enable to disable and back again via wget. I created a admin user on the panorama box, created a hash based on that user and password. when I run the script I get the following:

<response status="error" code="13"><msg><line>Could not find schema node for xpath /config/devices/entry[@name='local.localdomain']/vsys/entry[@name='vsys1']/rulebase/security/rules/entry[@name='Dana Test']</line></msg></response>

the wget is below:

wget --no-check-certificate "<hash>=&xpath=/config/devices/entry[@name='localhost.localdomain']/vsys/entry[@name='vsys1']/rulebase/security/rule

s/entry[@name='Dana Test']&element=<disabled>yes</disabled>" --no-http-keep-alive -O output

wget --no-check-certificate "<commit-all><shared-policy><device-group>"Edge Firewall"</device-group></shared-policy></commit-all>&key=<hash>=" --no-http-keep-alive -O output

cat output

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