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Hi @chukaokonkwo This is listed in the XDR guide (Create a Report from Scratch Step 11):

Please see an example below:

1. Create a custom XQL widget (Reporting -> Widgets Library) which will provide the data you need, and save it. In my example, I am listing endpoints without EED capabilities. My end goal is to obtain the results as a CSV format.



2. Create a new Report template and click Next twice after designing your template. I have left mine as blank as an example.


3. Choose the custom XQL Query (the same widget you created in Step 1) in the drop-down menu and click Save.



4. If you chose "Generate Now" in step 3, the report will be present as a zipped file in the Reports section. If you have set a schedule, the reports will be created as per schedule.
See an example where the report results were created in CSV format for the XQL query in step 1.



Who rated this post