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Clientless VPN getting worse with each PANOS ver

L4 Transporter

Timeline of my struggles:


Somewhere between 10.1.0 and 10.1.4 the clientless VPN stopped showing icons for each app not super big deal because the apps still worked but after trying a couple upgrades...


10.1.5: brings the icons back! but now the apps themselves do not work at all


trying by IP to rule out DNS issues


trying with https in case its something to do with http/80


ok ok let's try 10.2: clientless VPN portal page apps are all gone! page is blank! No apps, no icons, nothing here


downgraded back to 10.1.4 again: apps work but no icons I guess we are stuck on 10.1.4 forever?


What is going on? Is there some magic toggle added that was not required prior to 10.1.x or is this just a hot mess of clientless bugs? 🙂


UPDATE: Traffic logs show no attempts and no traffic from the VPN zone so I cannot even do a pcap. The 404 errors are coming from the firewall/portal itself before it even gets to reverse proxy to the app on the inside.

Who Me Too'd this topic