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Hi @porq91 ,

- Yes is just an example, which you need to replace with the hostname/ip address of your own MineMeld. Same goes for "XXXXXXXX-bad-domain" - you need to replace that as well with the name you use in your config

- I ment HTTP POST request - if you look at the link, somewhere around the end of the post there is "Annex 2" which is explaining how you can send API request to add/remove new indicators to the list. What I forgot to mention is that you can add/remove indicators manually through MineMeld GUI - go to Nodes -> Click on your localDB miner, there will be additional tab listing all current indicators and allowing you add or remove



Adding indicators via the GUI could be tidious, especially if you need to add bulk of indicators. In addition you can have somekind of automation that could benefit from the API and add/remove indicators using the explained API POST requests.

Who rated this post