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L3 Networker

Dear Team,


I have a question while testing.


If I'm wrong, anyone please feel free to leave a comment.


1. Check if an issue occurs in the service traffic processing part when changing the instance type
> Since there is no change in the settings, traffic processing is normal, but the throughput changes depending on the instance.
> ex) m5.2xlarge(vCPU 8, 16G) : 6Gbps > m5.xlarge(vCPU 4, 9G) : 3Gbps


2. Confirmation of License Changes
> Paloalto licenses are identified by a unique CPU-ID and UUID.
> Since the CPU-ID changes when the instance type is changed, it is essential to deactivate the license before changing the instance type.
> If I apply the license again after changing the instance, it can be used normally.


3. Setting change part of Panorama that is linked with the firewall
> When re-applying the license, a new S/N is created, so there is no need to change the settings in the firewall. However, in Panorama, it is necessary to re-link with the changed S/N of the firewall.

If anyone has experienced any of the above symptoms or knows a solution, please share with me.


Thanks in advance,


Who Me Too'd this topic