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failed to generate selective push

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I'm struggling with the integration of new devices, after many tries, I finally removed the new devices, but 2 of the other firewall can't commit anymore :

when I try to push to devices, I've got the following error "Failed to generate selective push configuration. Last in-sync configuration for the device is from a different version, selective push is not supported. Please try a full push."


What is a full push  by the way?


In summary page the status is :

- both devices of the device group are connected

- shared policy is "out of sync Panorama pushed version :360"

- template is "out of sync Panorama pushed version :331"


I've tried from Setup> Operation, to "export or push device config bundle" on these specific devices using version 331".

the load is working fine, then I commit to Panorama, which is also fine.

But pushing to devices fails for template and device group.


What would be the next step to recover a valid configuration that won't disturb the service on the firewalls ?


Who Me Too'd this topic