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L1 Bithead

I would suggest anyone on 10.2.4 that is hitting this issue open a TAC case. I just had a call with a Root Engineer and they did the following.


1. Removed the corrupt file /opt/pancfg/mgmt/audit/cfg-audit.xml,v
2. From cli, ran debug md5sum_cache clear (this is to force gen all DG/TPL configs so their versions will get updated)
3. Did commit force which recreated the cfg-audit.xml,v
4. Did full push to firewalls and verified versions are getting updated on Panorama with a couple of commits.
5. Did a selective push to one of the firewall and verified the selective push is working.


So far we have not hit an issue with doing selective pushes. It has only been a day so far but my fingers are crossed.

Who rated this post