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L1 Bithead

Hi Humberto,


I hope you're doing well.  Based on the error message, it seems that the options length is too long to be appended to the host egress packet, and it's resulting in errors. This seems to be expected behavior if you enable network monitoring feature, it essentially enable partial feature of CNNF( now CNNS)

 Typically, when the iptables receives a header longer than 32 it will drop the connection, essentially killing that from ever reestablishing


The proper protocol and my recommendation is to open a support ticket and be sure to provide the Defender support information

  1. What defender version are you running?
  2. What type of defender is it
  3. The full defender log...

If possible, also include with the ticket the iptables rules programed at the host with and without CNNS


Thank you,

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