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User Activity Report for Managers

L1 Bithead

Management has asked for a weekly summary of department web activity on our new PA-500.


I created a User Activity Report for each department but these reports are not conscise and difficult to read, especially for managers who would like a summary. 


Our old device had a group report of user web traffic that had graphs with helpful info like most time spent onliine, most blocked, etc. I am sure there are several other administrators out there who had to do this and I am intersted in your solution.  I am happy with the PA-500's real time monitoring, blocking, etc.


I searched the KB and forums and did not come up with anything helpful. My question for the community: Have you created a good custom report you can share? Do you use a 3rd party program or appliance to achieve these goals? If so, what?

Thanks for your time,


Who Me Too'd this topic