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Content 571 Customer Advisory

L4 Transporter

Application and Threat Content version 571 was removed from the Palo Alto Networks support site at approximately 0230 PM PST on 24-MAR-2016, after discovering an issue with this content update and Panorama stability related to the Correlation Objects feature. In the interim, customers who have installed content version 571 and use Panorama for device management are advised to roll back to content 570 or disable the "Beacon Detection - Dynamic DNS” (ID-6007) and “Beacon Detection - Heuristics” (ID-6005) correlation objects on the Monitor—>Correlations objects page. Correlation Objects work specifically on the PA-3000, PA-5000, PA-7000 series and PAN-OS 7.0+ and VM or M-Series Panorama 7.0+.


Palo Alto Networks is working to resolve this, and will issue a notification when a remediated version of Application and Threat Content is made available. Please subscribe to this document to receive updates.




Who Me Too'd this topic