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Firewall Statistics Report

L4 Transporter

We are looking at upgrading our firewalls from the PA-500 to the PA-3050s. The company I work for is growing fairly rapidly and it's looking good that the company will continue to grow. In order to get the funding for these firewalls we need to prove that we need them or at least that the 500s are obsolete or are quickly becoming that way. I am wondering if there is a way to pull hardware usage statistics in the form of a report, preferably graphs, that show historical data? Any data that can show the load on the firewalls over a period of a couple of days to a week would be ideal.

We currently use the Chrome extension which shows us details within the last hour but we want to see more history than that. I've looked through the report options provided on the Palo Alto but I have not been able to find anything that would satisfy our needs. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Who Me Too'd this topic