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Welcome to the Threat and Vulnerability discussion forum. This forum exists as a resource for security professionals to discuss and share information pertaining to the topics of threats and vulnerabilities.
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Dynamic IP lists and FQDN?

The only type of external dynamic list i appear to be able to specify in my firewall policy is a dynamic IP list (not a dynamic domain list). And the formatting of such lists appears to be purely for IP addresses. So my question is, how can i specify...

C&C Traffic Direction re China Chopper

Hi, sorry if this is a stupid question, maybe we need a Reddit-style "ELI5" forum ;o) I have been turning a blind eye to a background hum of China Chopper alerts for some time, so I thought I would try to understand what is going on. The thing is the...

djr by L3 Networker
  • 2 replies

PAN-DB Connectivity

Hi, We are faced with the connectivity issue when we tried to download the URL filtering DB from PAN-DB. As the firewall has an external interface to the internet, we have changed the service route for “Palo Alto Networks Services” to the external in...

Need to Verify traffic.

Hello All, I am using PA-820, i only have cli access to device. I will require to verify traffic from a particular source and destination on the device. Do we have any commands to do that ? May be something like packet tracer to get all the routes / ...

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