Getting Around in the Live Community

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Welcome to the Live Community!

Thanks for joining our community. Here are a few tips and suggestions on getting started with the Live Community.


Not a customer? No problem! Click here for information about registering for a Live Community account.


Signing in to the Live Community


  • Click the Sign In link at the top of the page.

sign in

  • Enter your sign in credentials on the Palo Alto Networks Single Sign On page.






  • If you need support assistance, please see the Support Info page.


Getting around the Live Community

Main navigation




    • Features 

The areas under Features include content such as community blogs and featured articles, information on events, and links to the Palo Alto Networks Technical Documentation and Fuel User Groups sites.

Features also include specialized areas such as Academy and Japan Live Community.


    • Discussions

The forum boards under Discussions is where Live Community members interact and share information with each other. You can follow discussion topics, participate in the discussions, or ask questions and start your own topics. 

Note: We just ask that you are respectful to others and maintain a courteous, professional tone in your posts. 


    • Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base is composed of knowledge base articles categorized into content topics. Click Knowledge Base to see the list of categories, then click on a topic to access its contents.


    • Tools

Tools is where you will find community-supported, downloadable applications and templates to enhance your overall experience and utility of the Palo Alto Networks products.  Each self-contained area under tools consists of an article board and discussion board. Hover your cursor over Tools to see what is currently available and feel free to ask questions.


    • Profile

Click on your username to view and update your profile options. You can update your avatar, enter public information about yourself, set notification preferences, and manage your subscriptions to knowledge base and discussion boards.


    • Notifications

The number next to Notifications indicates events that have occured against your account. For example, if someone "liked" one of your posts, or if you were mentioned by someone on a post with an @your_username. 


    • Get Support

The Get Support page provides information on how to receive Live Community help and how to reach the Palo Ato Networks technical support team for technical assistance with your product.

Note: Opening a support case requires that you have a support contract with Palo Alto Networks. 


Live Community Search


Searching in the Live Community is simple. Just type in your search keyword(s) and click Search. By default, the search covers the entire community. If you prefer, use the dropdown to limit the scope of the search to just knowledges bases. You can also search for users in the community.


Tip: A category in the Live Community represents content that's grouped together. If you start a search from a category, you can select "Category" in the search scope dropdown to limit your search to only that category. For example, if you navigate to Management under Topics, you can initiate a search and select "Category" to limit the search to only content under Management.   


You can also apply filters on a search results page to narrow and control the results that appear. For example, you can narrow the results to only content by specific author or specify the type of content you are looking for.


Participating in the Live Community

    • Familiarize yourself with the Live Community by browsing through knowledge base articles and community discussions.
    • Start topics by going to the General Topics discussion board, clicking New Message, and entering your questions. You can join an existing thread by simply clicking the Reply link on a post and writing your response.
    • Subscribe to boards by clicking on Options (next to New Message) and selecting Subscribe from the drop down list.
    • Give Likes to interesting and helpful posts and articles. If someone replies with an acceptable solution to your question, then be sure to mark that response as a solution. This provides a quick acknowledgement to that person, and encourages others to chime in with their responses.
    • Rate articles as helpful. There is a question at the bottom of each knowledge base article asking if the information presented was helpful to you. If the information is useful to you, then please click 'Yes' to give a simple acknowledgement to the author. 


Again, welcome aboard! We look forward to seeing you in the Live Community!


Best regards,

The Live Community Team