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New to LIVEcommunity? Start here. 


The LIVEcommunity is Palo Alto Networks’ official online technical community with more than 317,000 global members. Our community is full of employees, partners, and peers who help each other troubleshoot issues, find answers, and make the most of their products—proving that thousands of minds working together are far more powerful than a lone engineer.


In short: LIVEcommunity harnesses the knowledge of cybersecurity and IT professionals across the globe to put insightful, helpful resources at your fingertips. We hope that LIVEcommunity will be your first stop when it comes to the adoption of Palo Alto Networks products. 


Here’s a quick introduction to LIVEcommunity's most-visited areas:


The LIVEcommunity discussions area is your go-to source for troubleshooting and answers. There is a general discussion area, as well as product-specific areas, where you can go to ask questions, share answers, and exchange knowledge and support related to Palo Alto Networks products. It is not only a great place to find solutions, but to network with peers as well. Don’t worry—our experienced Solutions Engineers and Cyber Elite experts are on board and ready to help, so jump right in.


The LIVEcommunity blogs area is where you’ll find information about recent and upcoming events, new products features, and updates, and other current happenings relevant to Palo Alto Networks and the cybersecurity community.


LIVEcommunity Product pages are information-rich areas, each dedicated to a different Palo Alto Networks product or tool.

These pages are where you’ll find all related discussions, blogs, articles, webinars, how-to videos, and other information about your product—all in one place. Simply click the Products dropdown and select the product you’d like more information on to head to its dedicated resource page. 

Ready to get started? Head to Step 1: How to Create a LIVEcommunity Account.


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