Running MineMeld on Amazon EC2

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WARNING: This article is out of date

Please use follow this article to install MineMeld on a recent Ubuntu 16.04 distribution:



To run a basic set up of MineMeld on Amazon EC2 you can use CloudFormation Launch URLs that will automatically create a new instance in your region of choice with some default settings, or create a new Ubuntu 14.04 LTS instance and specify a URL to load the user data from.


Using CloudFormation Launch URLs

Use the following CloudFormation Launch URLs to spin up a new Ubuntu instance with the MineMeld loader in your region of choice:


EC2 Region CloudFormation
ap-northeast-1 Launch URL
ap-southeast-1 Launch URL
ap-southeast-2 Launch URL
eu-central-1 Launch URL
eu-west-1 Launch URL
sa-east-1 Launch URL
us-east-1 Launch URL
us-west-1 Launch URL
us-west-2 Launch URL
us-gov-west-1 Launch URL


Using EC2 User Data

The following link contains a base64 encoded cloud-init file that can be used to automatically load MineMeld on new instances of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Just specify the link in the Advanced Settings while creating a new instance.


Accessing the instance

The instance can be accessed using the SSH key specified at launch. After the first boot the loader will update, download & setup MineMeld on the instance. It could take some minutes:


Welcome to Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS (GNU/Linux 3.13.0-68-generic x86_64)


Ubuntu comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by
applicable law.

Initalizing minemeld. It could take some minutes, please wait ..|.......

After a couple of minutes, you should see message where both minemeld-engine and minemeld-web are RUNNING.


Initalizing minemeld. It could take some minutes, please wait ..|.......
minemeld-engine RUNNING pid 13086, uptime 0:00:04
minemeld-web RUNNING pid 13087, uptime 0:00:04


Accessing the WebUI

After the initialization is completed, the WebUI can be accessed on port 443 via https with default credentials


Username: admin

Password: minemeld 


Everything on here no longer works.  CFs fail due to not trusting repo, and User Data is too big to import on a fresh launch EC2 instance.  Maybe you can simply write a User Data script based on the 3 commands needed to build MineMeld which you have documented on the manual method of installing on Ubuntu 14.04.

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