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Create shared address object

I'm using pandevice to create address object, and am able to create address object for specific device group but not a "Shared" object.


pano = panorama.Panorama(device_name, login_id, pwd) 
panogrp = panorama.DeviceGroup('Group1')


# R


TeckSeng by L1 Bithead
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PRTG IPsec tunnel monitor script

We are using PRTG for network monitoring and need to have alerts created and sent when an IPsec tunnel goes down. i found some article for scripts to use with the advanced script sensor, but we run into issues when actually trying to run the script.


Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 11.26.33 AM.png

Resolved! Error in simple policy creation script

Hello all;


I have the following script:


#!/usr/bin/python3 import panos from panos import base from panos import firewall from panos import panorama from panos import policies from panos import objects from panos import network from panos import dev...

MineMeld API integration

I have minemeld running successfully.  I am looking to import a third party threat feed via API.  I have tried to clone and/or new protocol with no joy.  I have even created my own via CLI (doesnt work either).  Documentatin is sparse on creating a n


jsamide by L2 Linker
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Sending Logs from PA Firewall to AlienVault.

Hi All, 


We are running into an issue when trying to set up pulling logs from our PA firewall to AlienVault.  We've followed the instructions that AlienVault provided, set up a custom role-based admin account and generated an API key from the firewal


JerseyJ by L0 Member
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Python automate GP VPN connection

Hi everyone!


I was asked to use Python to automate processes that download files from multiple servers. In order to connect to the servers, I must connect to the Global Protect VPN first. That said, in order to automate the process, I must also autom


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