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Resolved! Firewall policy update based on conditions

Dear All,I have a situation to automate PaloAlto Firewall policy requests based on user input. Once i obtain the user input in a certain format, i will have to check certain conditions before creating the rule on the firewalls.1. Whether the Objects ...

mgans80 by L1 Bithead
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api error illegal paramater

Hi all, I have just started to working on API and following documentation from this site. Sent my first request to the firewall but response came as op: "URLError: code: 400 reason: Illegal parameter [re...

2020-04-25 19_43_53-API Key Generation — panos-xml-api-rtd 1.3 documentation.png

Resolved! [Ansible] Commit

Hello, I've noticed that Ansible will commit changes by default, False option doesn't seem to influence it. For example, if Ansible adds security rule for - it will not be committed.Next run, adding rule for, will commit the rul...

Resolved! [API/Ansible] Manipulating users and groups

Hello, Is there an available API call (XML or REST) or Ansible command that can be used to:1) create a user group2) add an existing user to the newly created group I looked through the API docs and Ansible collection docs, but wasn't able to find any...

Cortex XDR API Limit

I'm trying to retrieve incidents on the Cortex XDR API but, after a few tests I'm getting 401 Unauthorized errors on the same key it worked a few requests before. Is there any "request limit" on API keys or accounts? Regards

Ansible and LDAP

Hello, For a PAN device connected with an LDAP server - is it possible to create an address group object containing users added with "Authentication profile: LDAP", using Ansible? Thank you for your time. Best regards.

Resolved! ansible zone creation failing

i'm trying to run the following task in my play to create a bunch of new L3 subinterfaces on ae2 and then add them to the appropriate security zone. if i try to assign the zone as part of the panos_l3_subinterface, or through a different play (as sho...

Pouyesh1 by L1 Bithead
  • 2 replies

Ansible - Show ARP table

Hi, I have been trying to use Ansible to retrieve the arp table from a PA FW. Logging in with ssh, it's a quick and easy "show arp all", but using Ansible, I am struggling. I was sure panos_op would work with "show arp all", but it doesn't.I also loo...

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