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Panorama Device Group UserID

Hi All,


I am busy testing login events for the API in Panorama to reditribute to the firewalls, when ever I execute the API call I get a 400 error returned:

<response status="error" code="400"> <result> <msg>You must specify a valid Device Group</msg>...

Marc_T by L2 Linker
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PA CPU usage via the API

Hello All, 


In PA Firewall Dashboard we have the system Reousrces widget, were we can see the Management CPU and Data Plane CPU usage, I was trying to do the same using the API, but I'm not sure how PA are calculating the values, 


The GUI is sending


Setting up PAN OS for API access

I am trying to enable XML API to my Palo Alto v8.1 firewall. Despite documented steps, it doesnt seem to work. How do I verify if the XML API is setup correctly? Is there a clear step by step process to get the API access enabled?

Pritam39 by L0 Member
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vmware / terraform bootstrap?

Hello, what would be an example workflow for deploying and bootstraping a vm-series on esxi? I can deploy a template using terraform, and I configure the firewall using the panos provider, but I don't understand how I'm supposed to bootstrap the fire


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