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IpsecTunnel api refresh

im trying to get a list of ipsec tunnels from each template stack i have. but anytime i attempt to use the class i receive an error that pandevice doesnt have an attribute network....  according to the documentation here


Policy Optimizer API calls

I am trying to create a report and automate disabling rules that have not been used in the last 30 days.  

the report will run the 1 st of every month. 


So I am looking for API calls for the  Policy Optimizer "unused in 30 days"

or the CLI commands so


Resolved! How to automate rules with App-ID

How can you automate firewall rule creation when App-ID is used? This seems easy enough on a port-based firewall, but I have yet to see anything addressing APP-ID. A typcial flow could look like this:

user submits firewall request form

appropriate appr


Resolved! Create Post-Security-Rule - RestAPI

I have Panorama managing my firewalls. I would like to leverage Postman to make API POSTS to Panorama for new security policies. 


Can someone provide an example of a filled-out body with bogus data to show me how the API wants it?


I'm particularily g


QoS Monitoring (for PRTG Network Monitor)

Hi all,


Because there are no useful methods to monitor the configured QoS values (at least til 7.0.3, I don't know if there will be a monitoring of QoS in the future), I have written a little script in powershell which gets all the required values



Resolved! API commits no longer working

Has anyone encountered this problem?  I have noticed since upgrading Panorama to 8.1.7 that two of my API commits no longer work: log collector and forced template stack.  I get the following message from Panorama:

<response status="success" code="19"


Resolved! can't disable IPSec tunnel over API

I've taken the instructions to extract the XML command from the debug console.


<request cmd="edit" obj="/config/devices/entry[@name='localhost.localdomain']/network/tunnel/ipsec/entry[@name='my-ipsec-tunnel']/disabled" cookie="7684494492332192">  <di...

rone by L0 Member
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Query External Dynamic List Content

If I have a list of IP addresses, is there a way to query a PA to see if the listed IP addresses are contained within an EDL? This would be a large list, several hundred, so automating this would be the most practical way.

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