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REST API and host policies

We just got our first PA (3060) and I was doing some research on the REST API. What I would like to do is tie in our IP Address Management system for automation. Like when an IP address is freed, a process would connect to the PA and remove that host...

Resolved! Limits on commits

Hi Guys, We are running scripts to push configurations into the firewalls. Everything is done via CLI and with set statements (I know that it is odd, but that's the way it is). Does anyone know are there any limits on the configuration size because s...

API call for failed commit

Is there an API call that returns failed commits? Example being if I'm in the Panorama web GUI and click on Tasks at the bottom right, I'll see the Failed commit there. Any way to see the failed commit in an API call?

Rename zone in security policy through xml api

Hi all, I'm trying to programatically rename security zone via xml api. Here's a scenario:1. Device currently has 5 zones: trust, untrust, dmz, lvl1, lvl22. There are 500+ policies where <> appears as source zone member or destination zone member (th...

KostiM by L2 Linker
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Resolved! Rest calls from PowerShell failing

I have a script that I use that reads a copy of my palo's configuration that I manually export. I am looking to create a PowerShell script that can call the rest service instead of having to manually export the XML configuration file. I also want to ...

Query api with user reader

Hi, I have created some curl plugins to access via xml api to our Pa-500 and make queries. For that right now I use the admin user to get the id: https: //X.X.X.X/api/? type = keygen & user = admin & password = password The problem that I see that th...

Dynamic Tags via XML API with CIDR Range

So the problem I'm running into is that its simple to interact with the XML API, but its not always so easy to figure out where the commands are or how they should be formatted. You guys should really consider some OpenAPI 3 style documentation. We h...

hallerr by L2 Linker
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Security Rule API

I've got a powershell script working that copies my security rules from one device to another but I need to control the order that they are inserted at the destination. I haven't been able to find this in the API browser or other examples. Does anyon...

Ntripp by L1 Bithead
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