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Resolved! [API/Ansible] Manipulating users and groups



Is there an available API call (XML or REST) or Ansible command that can be used to:

1) create a user group

2) add an existing user to the newly created group


I looked through the API docs and Ansible collection docs, but wasn't able to find any


Resolved! [Ansible] Commit



I've noticed that Ansible will commit changes by default, False option doesn't seem to influence it.


For example, if Ansible adds security rule for - it will not be committed.

Next run, adding rule for, will commit the rul


How to perform a full firewall backup?


How can I get a full backup including all settings, objects and security policies? The firewall is not managed by Panorama, I would like to be able to automate backup&restore process with Ansible and paloaltonetworks collection.




Resolved! ansible zone creation failing

i'm trying to run the following task in my play to create a bunch of new L3 subinterfaces on ae2 and then add them to the appropriate security zone. if i try to assign the zone as part of the panos_l3_subinterface, or through a different play (as sho


Pouyesh1 by L1 Bithead
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Ansible and LDAP



For a PAN device connected with an LDAP server - is it possible to create an address group object containing users added with "Authentication profile: LDAP", using Ansible?


Thank you for your time.


Best regards.

Update Azure Microsoft NSG using DAG

Just curious if there is another way to do it, without spending money.. 

I am pulling DAG blocked IPs from physical PA boxes using a python script, and then i am thinking of printing the formatted output in csv. This CSV will be used by a powershell s


raji_toor by L4 Transporter
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paramiko hangs on PaloAlto

I have a simple script that used to work but not any longer.  It now hangs during the "load_system_host_keys()".  I have even tried using user parameters, which is commented out, but still it hangs.  Any idea why it can't connect either via ssh key o


Resolved! How to parse op(cmd) results

I am new to python. I am able to get results using op() method but not able to display or parse them to use meaningfully.



fw = pandevice.base.PanDevice('',api_key='abcdefgh') fwcmd = fw.op(cmd='show global-protect-gateway current-user',xm...

raji_toor by L4 Transporter
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