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WebServices SDK Download

I have been going through some documents which mention the Palo Alto WebServices SDK tool that can use the API to backup and perform basic reporting tasks. Is this tool still available for download? Cannot find the download links anywhere...

custom signature


I am trying to making a custom signature. I am trying to make it using the the context gdbremote-req-context for the tcp stream as seen below. Is this the correct methodology or should I be using something different?

This is for IBM Netezza. A data


Phone Number Regex

Hello team! I hope everyone is doing great. I have a customer who wants to use Data Pattern Regex to block phone numbers with 10 digits or more, I've been doing research and contacted some of our engineers but have not been able to get to do it. Can


Crazy Browser-RegEx Help

Does anyone know how I can block all traffic coming from "Crazy Browser" clients. Our OWA accounts keep getting hacked and the IIS logs indicate this could be the method. Can you creaet a custom sig based off user agent string ? Any ideas ?




Custom Application Signature

Hi All,

I want to ask about custom application signature

So i got an issue for this application.

when i see in the monitor traffic log the Application will be capture as Oracle

This oracle application is generalization for all of client application oracl


PANOS 6.0 XML - set failed?

Hello all,

I am trying to edit/set a security rule using the XML API.  So far i have the following: https://x.x.x.x/api/?type=config&action=set&key=hiddenkeyhere&xpath=/config/devices/entry/vsys/entry/rulebase/security/rules/entry[@name='Rule 1-1-1-1-


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