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Cacti - Templates

Hello Palo Alto Community,

I created a few Cacti Templates which allow you to quickly and easily monitor Palo Alto Networks firewalls with SNMP.  There are 5 different templates corresponding to the 5 different Firewall families, PA-200, PA-500, PA-20


kklein by L2 Linker
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xpath tags

Trying to get some info from the XML API in the form of panxapi. 


I'm not sure this even works based on previous forum post by others but this is the closest I could find and it's based on the description having the term Donkey. 




Parameter for panos_facts



The module documentation for panos_facts says the gather_subset parameter should be a list with values from all, system, session, interfaces, ha, routing, vr, vsys and config,  But when I run a playbook with gather_subset: ['vr']  I get "msg":


Resolved! Get Push To Device summary via API



I am trying to automate the push to device proccess through Panorama, I know that the xml API call for tat is commit all, but I was trying to find an API call that would shouw the device groups and templates that will be pushed (trying to get the


Using PAN-OS SDK against configuration file

Can you help me with an idea of how I can use the SDK on a Panorama configuration file, rather than connecting to the Panorama API.

It will be used for running reports on configuration elements (understandably not for configuration changes)  in an res


batd2 by L4 Transporter
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