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Resolved! Empty pano.predefined.refreshall_services()

Hello everyone, 

I'm struggling to get a list of the predefined services and applications via the panos python SDK.

I'm able to get a proper answer if i'm asking a specific service, but the "refreshall_services" or "refreshall_applications" classes alw


Klayhan by L0 Member
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Resolved! IOC upload 401 response



I am trying to upload IOC's with this API reference: 

Insert Simple Indicators, CSV (


I'm posting the data with the requests module in python and always get a 401 response for "Unauthorized access. An issue occurred during


Panos_admpwd Hangs

Hi there, I have a super basic Ansible script that is meant to just change the admin password using SSH.


--- - name: change admin password for newly deployed Palo Alto firewall hosts: firewall collections: - paloaltonetworks.panos gather_fa...

Dapper by L0 Member
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Find Single Rule - Pan Os Python

We are in the process of renaming all our FW rules.  I'd like to run a python script with Pan OS Python.  The script would look at a CSV file where in column1 is the current name, column2 is the new name, and column3 is an Audit Comment.  I'm able to


RyanBess by L1 Bithead
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Automating HA key exchange

Hello all.

Is there a way to automate the exchange of HA keys when creating an HA pair?

I have gotten everything else using terraform/ansible/panorama. But I cannot figure out how to do HA key exchange programmatically.

Anyone has done it?




change value type

I wrote a script for a dynamic widget. The script finds the necessary indicators and displays the list in the table. There were 2 problems. 1. How to change the type to URL for the URL column so that the link is not in the form of text but can be cli


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