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One of the more common questions that I get from customers looking for information about Palo Alto Networks devices is: Do you have any Best Practices guides for your products?


I am very happy to report a library of Best Practice guides that are hosted on the technical documentation site here:


Screenshot from the Best Practices page on the Technical Documentation site.Screenshot from the Best Practices page on the Technical Documentation site.


As a former support engineer and a former firewall admin, I know the value of a best practice guide. 

You want to know the Best Practice for the new C2 (Command and Control) Category?, or want to know about Protection against Layer 4 and Layer 7 evasions?  Good news -- we have all that and more.



The documentation consists of the following categories:

  • Data Center
  • Internet Gateway
  • WildFire
  • Securing Administrative Access
  • Protection Against Layer 4 and Layer 7 Evasions
  • Application and Threat Content Updates
  • Security Profiles
  • Decryption

And each category allows you to select your PAN-OS Version: 8.1, 8.0, 7.1 and 7.0. 
Note: Some categories have more versions and some less.



There are some videos that help explain how to implement App-ID and User-ID. 


How to Implement App-ID:


How to Implement User-ID:



There is even a Webinar section that talks about How to Prevent Breaches through Application Controls and How to Implement User-based Controls for Cybersecurity Visibility and policy controls.


The Best Practices site is a great resource that can really help you learn so much and make sure that you are following the best practices to implement the latest features.


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As always, we welcome all comments and questions below.


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Stay secure,

Joe Delio

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