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Read about a popular question from the LIVEcommunity discussion area, "I Want a Feature Added. Where Do I Go?" Learn how a business justification will help our engineers decide which features merit the most priority for a subsequent release. See the feature request list also. Got Questions? Get Answers on LIVEcommunity.

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When you're working with a product on a daily basis, there's bound to be a moment where you wonder "What if they added this feature? That would make my life so much better." So what can you do when you have such a revelation?


The formal process is to reach out to your local sales team, who can create a new feature request for you or add your vote to an existing one.

If a new Feature Request needs to be created, it helps to have as many details as possible (use cases, business needs, comparable features, existing examples, etc.) to support your request.


A business justification will help our product teams and engineers decide which features merit the most priority for the next or subsequent release.


The process of picking new features is complex and deals with many weights and reasons. Some features could impact other features or change behaviors. You can imagine there is a lot of time and consideration required to decide which features should be added sooner and which ones will need to wait for a future opportunity. 


One factor the community can control—votes. This is part two of the Feature Request system: Customers get to cast votes on feature requests they would like to see. This helps our engineering team greatly by highlighting features our customers actually need versus those that are really cool, but few people are really pining for.


Now, before you start calling your local SE, one of our LIVEcommunity Sentinels (@vsys_remo) put together a handy overview of the Feature Requests others have submitted. That way, you can check out which features are already being requested and those you'd like to see in a future release. 

Feature Request List



How we can see the current FR list ? and if the some FR had been done ?

the idea, is not overlap an FR that somebody raised, and also checks if some FR has been added in a new released launched.



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Customers do not have direct access to the current FR list. Contact your SE with your feature request, and it becomes their job to either add your vote to an existing FR that matches what you are requesting or create a new FR if one doesn't exist. 

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@JorgeChimenoPerezadditionally, overlap is a good thing: it adds more votes to an existing FR

more votes = more chance of it getting adopted




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