IoT Security Update May 2021

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Palo Alto Networks significantly expanded its IoT Security product capabilities around risk assessment, out-of-the-box reports, deployability, and third-party native integrations.

  1. Improved medical IoT device risk assessment with support for MDS² 2019 forms in addition to previously supported 2004, 2008, and 2013 versions. MDS² form ingestion helps with deeper risk analysis and anomaly detection with visibility into ePHI and unencrypted communication, to name a few.
  2. Five new out-of-the-box reports that include Device Summary, Connectivity, New Device, Filtered Inventory, and IoMT Device Utilization for easy consumption and analysis.
  3. Easy IoT protection and deployment option with Prisma® Access for remote sites without having to deploy on-premises firewall sensors. Prisma Access can integrate with IoT Security through a purchased add-on.
  4. Three new third-party integrations with Cisco DNA Center, Cisco Prime, and Nuvolo, and expanded current Cisco ISE integration


Read more on these new enhancements and other features.




Cybersecurity researchers have identified NAME:WRECK as a set of nine DNS-related vulnerabilities that affect the TCP/IP stacks in four operating systems often used in IoT devices: FreeBSD, IPNet, NetX, and Nucleus NET. Attackers can exploit these vulnerabilities to perform denial-of-service attacks, DNS cache poisoning, and remote code execution. 

Learn about detection, identification, and remediation here.




  1. Product demo: Short IoT Security product demo video
  2. New customer case studies: BayCare Health System | Bear Valley Community Hospital | Waubonsee Community College
  3. IoT interactive workshop: Gain first hand experience with IoT Security. Register here.

For any questions on this update, please contact Minakshi Sehgal, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, IoT Security

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