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Which PAN-OS version are you currently running in your environment? If you're looking to stop more Zero Day threats, simplify your security architecture, and improve your security posture, read on to learn how PAN-OS 11.0 Nova can help do just that. 



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Stop More Zero-Day Threats


Advanced WildFire: Advanced Wildfire provides detection and prevention of zero-dat malware using a combination of dynamic/static analysis and intelligent Run-time Memory Analysis. Advanced WildFire leverages a cloud-based detection infrastructure to detect highly evasive malware and create protections to block malware. This powers the firewall to stop 26% more zero-day malware than traditional sandboxes and detects 60% more injection attacks! 


Advanced Threat Prevention: The base threat prevention subscription is based on signatures generated from malicious traffic data collected from various Palo Alto Networks services. With the advanced threat prevention upgrade, the service uses inline deep learning and machine learning models for real-time detection of evasive and never before seen, unknown C2 threats and zero-day vulnerability exploits. 


Simplify Security Architecture


Web Proxy Support: Some networks are designed around a proxy for compliance and other requirements. The web proxy allows customers to migrate to NGFW without changing their proxy network to secure web as well as non-web traffic. With web proxy available for both NGFW and Prisma Access, Palo Alto Networks helps you transition to a single, integrated security stack for web security across on-premises and cloud-delivered form factors.


Next-Generation CASB: The next-generation CASB natively integrates with Nova. This solution provides all security capabilities and components of CASB across Prisma Access and the Next-Generation firewalls.


Improve Security Posture


AIOps: AIOps for NGFW gives you an overview of the health and security posture of your next-generation firewall deployment to help you identify areas of improvement and close security gaps. AIOps processes 29B metrics every month across 50,000 firewalls and proactively shares 24,000 misconfigurations and other issues with customers for resolution.



If you're interested, get started with PAN-OS 11.0! Also, don't forget to check the release notes to compare known issues with the requirements of your environment. 


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