Simplify Multicloud Connectivity With Prisma SD-WAN and Google Cloud

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Enterprise multi-cloud adoption is on the rise.  Here's how Prisma SD-WAN can help.Enterprise multi-cloud adoption is on the rise.  Here's how Prisma SD-WAN can help.


Organizations are moving in full-force into cloud adoption, with multicloud availability at the core of their digital transformation.


At the same time however, there is a lack of expertise among personnel—and a lack of tools to effectively connect multicloud technologies. This nexus of issues has led to inadequate implementations that require complex manual operations that are tedious, unscalable, and even expensive.


Multicloud deployments demand a robust solution that automates direct cloud-connectivity at scale. This significantly improves application performance and reduces costs and operational complexity—all while extending cloud-usage to simplify their complete end-to-end enterprise connectivity.



Prisma SD-WAN Google Cloud NCC Integration CloudBlade: A Fully Automated Approach


The flexibility of the Prisma SD-WAN CloudBlades platform and Google’s robust API support for NCC paved the way to develop a new CloudBlade, the Google Cloud NCC Integration CloudBlade.


Thanks to this newly developed CloudBlade, network administrators don’t need to worry about IPsec parameters, PSK management, BGP configuration, routing scale, or vION deployments. They simply need to express their intent in the CloudBlade configuration screen regarding on which Google Cloud regions to extend the connectivity to, and optionally adjust the characteristics of the policies attached to the CloudGenix branch sites.




The Google Cloud NCC attachment provides native integration with Prisma SD-WAN vIONs to simplify configuration and improve the overall scalability of the solution.


Additionally, this integration allows Prisma SD-WAN customers to benefit from high availability by automatically deploying a pair of virtual Prisma SD-WAN vIONs in Google Cloud per region specified. This way, customers can extend the SD-WAN fabric to the Google Cloud regions of interest.


Since the CloudBlade platform is not tied to the controller and vION software releases, the Google Cloud NCC CloudBlade allows admins to commit updates to the configuration (e.g. add a new region). Additionally, admins are able to take advantage of future CloudBlade features without forcing a planned outage in the branch or the cloud, thereby ensuring consistent and continued connectivity to the cloud.


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