Ignite 2020 is Around the Corner!

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Register Today for Ignite 2020Register Today for Ignite 2020


As we get closer and closer to Ignite, we would like to share all the details with you around where you can find the LIVEcommunity during the event.


There will be a variety of different booths at Ignite, one of them being Customer Communities! This is where the LIVEcommunity will sit alongside Fuel User Group. Inside our booth you'll have the opportunity to learn a little more about LIVEcommunity and the team.


Not only that but you’ll also be able to engage with the LIVEcommunity! How awesome is that?! Let’s jump into the different ways.


You can attend the Customer Communities booth and find the chat functionality to connect with us 1:1. There will also be scheduled coffee chat tables where you can meet with Cyber Elite experts, Community experts and the LIVEcommunity team.


There are going to be some other great coffee table chats that we want to make sure you know about so you can start putting them on your calendar.


The Education Services booth will have the following coffee table topics:


  • Cyber Security Academic Program 
  • Certifications


These coffee table topics are a perfect opportunity for you to learn more about Certifications and ask any questions you may have!


The Global Customer Services booth will have the following coffee table topics:


  • Customer Support - Got Questions? We Have Answers
  • Customer Success - Guiding Your Product Journey
  • QuickStart Services for Accelerated Deployment
  • Improve Your Security with Best Practices Tools (BPA)


If you're curious about the Best Practices Tools (BPA) or want to learn more about QuickStart Services be sure to attend one of these coffee table topics.


During the event, we will also have a series of blogs coming out where you can hear from our LIVEcommunity Experts and Subject Matter Experts. And don't worry if you missed some sessions during the event, we’ll be recapping highlights throughout each of the days. Our Ignite Event Page on the LIVEcommunity is the perfect place to ask questions, as we will be closely monitoring the page during the event.


And just as a reminder, Free Product Deep Dive Trainings that will be offered. What does this mean for you? You’ll come away with new insights and best practices and feel empowered to gain even more ROI from your Palo Alto Networks deployments.


This year’s trainings include:

  • Securing encrypted traffic
  • Securing network traffic
  • Securing branch offices via SASE and SD-WAN
  • Using AI to identify and respond to cyberthreats
  • Securing public cloud deployments

For additional details, go to the Ignite Training and Certification page. 

We are really looking forward to seeing you around. If you have not already done so, be sure to register today!


If you have any questions, please comment down below. 


To end off this week’s blog, we want to know:


What are you most excited about? 

      • A. Breakout Sessions
      • B. Free Certification Prep Courses
      • C. Visiting the Customer Communities booth
      • D. Connecting with the LIVEcommunity Team
      • E. All of the above


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