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Read about the new cloud service offerings Panorama in AWS, which is the third update of the cloud service offerings. Learn about the new plugins, Panorama-managed devices, Panorama on AWS, and many more updates. Got questions? Get answers on LIVEcommunity.


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VM Panorama is a great solution for security professionals who manage Palo Alto Networks firewalls because it can easily be scaled to meet your needs.
One requirement: if you were using any Palo Alto Networks firewalls in AWS, you still need to have a VM or physical Panorama device on premise to manage that firewall device. Read about the new plugins, Panorama-managed devices, Panorama on AWS, and many more updates.


Here are some of the features of Panorama on AWS:

  • VM Panorama and the VM dedicated log collector are supported on AWS.
  • Dedicated log collectors are also supported on ESXi.
  • Panorama-managed devices (or VM Firewalls) also are deployed in the public cloud.
  • VM Panorama on AWS can manage firewalls inside or outside the cloud.
  • Only AWS is supported in Panorama 8.1. Future versions of Panorama support other public cloud offerings such as Microsoft Azure, KVM and Google Cloud Platform.

There is also a brand new Plugins section on Panorama that allows for many third-party applications to be installed on Panorama without affecting software or schema changes.

Watch the video to learn more:


We will be publishing new information soon on Panorama in AWS, such as more product info or technical specs.


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