Palo Alto Networks Introduces PAN-OS 11.2 Quasar

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Secure networking just got a major upgrade! Meet PAN-OS 11.2 Quasar, Quantum-Safe VPN, ADEM for next-gen firewalls, Advanced DNS Security, and brand-new ruggedized next-gen firewalls.


We're thrilled to unveil PAN-OS 11.2 Quasar! It's the next big thing in network security evolution. With this fantastic update to our PAN-OS software, we're staying true to our mission of making each day safer than the last. We're ramping up our prevention capabilities and simplifying the process of optimizing, managing, and running your network security setup, no matter where it's located.


We're Extending the Features of Quantum-Safe VPNs


Post-quantum cryptography (PQC) is all about the next-gen cryptographic algorithms. These babies replace the old-school ones like Diffie Hellman, RSA, and elliptic curve, which are sitting ducks for those quantum computers. With PAN-OS 11.2 Quasar, we're extending the post-quantum safe VPN introduced in PAN-OS 11.1 Cosmos by introducing PQC algorithms to create quantum-safe hybrid keys.


Why does this matter to you? Picture this: Quantum attacks can pull off sneaky moves like "harvest now, decrypt later" (HNDL). But by switching to a PQC-based, site-to-site VPN with crypto-agility, you're basically putting up a big "no entry" sign for attackers trying to decrypt harvested VPN traffic down the road when a cryptographically relevant quantum computer (CRQC) pops up. Plus, it's not just about staying ahead of the game—it's also about meeting the US government's National Security Memorandum (NSM-10) and building standards-based quantum-resistant IT systems.


Check out the following blog to know more about Quantum-Safe VPNs:

Palo Alto Networks Extends Support For Quantum-Safe VPN


ADEM Support for NGFW in PAN-OS 11.2 Quasar


When users can log in from literally anywhere on the planet, it can be a headache for troubleshooting and figuring out why they're not performing as expected.


Think about it: Nowadays, apps can be chilling out virtually anywhere, thanks to public cloud, SaaS apps, and data centers scattered across the globe. So, when users are accessing these apps from all corners of the world and the apps themselves are hosted all over the place, things get seriously complicated.


Trying to pin down and fix issues with app performance? It's like trying to solve a puzzle with half the pieces missing.


ADEM (Autonomous Digital Experience Management) empowers customers to take control of their environment to completely understand user & application performance in the most time efficient & holistic approach thus enhancing the experience and overall time to resolution.


Advanced DNS Security


First off, DNS is super crucial because it's how we all connect to the internet. Plus, it handles a ton of traffic coming in and out of networks. But here's the kicker: A lot of organizations aren't giving DNS the attention it deserves in terms of protection and awareness.


Lately, we've seen a big uptick in DNS hijacking attacks. That's when someone reroutes DNS queries to a shady server and snags traffic meant for a legit destination. It opens the door to all sorts of nasty stuff like phishing, data theft, and malware delivery.


The scary part is that a lot of the solutions out there don't cut it. Most of them only look at DNS requests, which is like trying to stop a bank robbery by watching people walk in the door. Too little, too late.


Enter Advanced DNS Security. Offering real-time defense against hijacking attacks. And get this: It doesn't just look at DNS requests, it also checks out the responses, all in real time. That means no more waiting until it's too late to stop an attack.

Advanced DNS Security also helps you proactively block misconfigured domains. It's like having a security guard that spots trouble before it even starts.


Introducing the PA-400R Series


We're excited to introduce the PA-400R Series, featuring three brand-new robust ML-Powered Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs). Palo Alto Networks is broadening its lineup to include four cutting-edge performance and security devices tailored for remote and challenging customer settings.


These latest models significantly enhance performance compared to the previous hardware generation, empowering you to effectively thwart elusive threats and safeguard all facets of your enterprise.


Check out everything there is to know about the New Ruggedized PA-400R Series


Additional Features


Quasar PAN-OS 11.2 offers additional features beyond what we've highlighted in this blog. Users can now take advantage of an extensive array of new functionalities. To explore all available features and delve into technical specifics, make sure to check out our Release Notes.


Stay Secure !


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