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Read how to Reach Your Security Goals with the BPA. Learn more about the resources available to help you navigate through each step of the Best Practice Assessment and what to do after your initial assessment. Got Questions? Get Answers on LIVEcommunity.


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Why is our Best Practice Assessment (BPA) tool so important for your company? Security. That’s why! A tightly secured network helps protect what’s most valuable to your business to give your company a competitive advantage.


By incorporating security best practices into your network, you reduce the attack surface and increase visibility into your network traffic. More importantly, the BPA can help you assess your security posture to prioritize security improvements and, ultimately, prevent known and unknown attacks.


To help clarify the process of running a Best Practice Assessment, we have separated each category into useful technical documentation steps to help you transition through security improvements safely without risking the availability of critical applications.


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Once you’re done running your initial BPA, run the BPA again to measure progress and prioritize the next set of security improvements. Also, don’t forget to use the documentation provided to implement the improvements.

Repeat the cycle until you reach your security goals.



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