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LOVEcommunity - Secure the LoveLOVEcommunity - Secure the Love

Take the #LOVEcommunity Poll and WIN a LIVEcommunity Badge!

At LIVEcommunity, we love communities. But really, who doesn’t? We all belong to communities in some way, shape, or form—both on and offline. Have you ever stopped to think about why you love the Palo Alto Networks LIVEcommunity? Obviously, we understand you want to connect, share, and learn, but what do you LOVE about LIVEcommunity?

For me, communities are easy to love because of the people, the expertise, and the collaboration. We love our customers, and we want to know what you LOVE about LIVEcommunity?

Our community is made possible because of you, passionate people with a purpose, who have joined together in a common mission. We believe communities make the world a better place (#LOVEcommunity) and strive to make your life easier and safer. Essentially, your connections, conversations, and contributions are invaluable. In fact, we have found these connections can lead to new:

  • Friends or Colleagues
  • Partnerships
  • Mentors
  • Content Contributors


In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, where love will be in the air all weekend, we are curious to know what you love about LIVEcommunity.

Go to LIVEcommunity and take the LOVEcommunity POLL (as shown below). 

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