Cortex XSOAR 6.10 is now GA

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The newest version of Cortex XSOAR is now available for GA.

Here are some highlights from this release:

  • Communication task links in Context Data: When running an Ask or Data Collection task, links are generated to collect the recipients' responses and are now available in the incident's context data.

  • Content Security Policy: You can now enable Content Security Policy (CSP), which adds a layer of security including detecting and mitigating certain types of attack.

  • Quiet Mode for Manual Tasks: You can now turn quiet mode on or off for individual manual tasks in a playbook.

  • Documentation Portal: Documentation for all Cortex products including Cortex XSOAR has moved to
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L3 Networker


I'm not able to find "Change Log".
Everything I find is about "Change Log Level"
But probalby I'm just blind 😞


Thank you


L0 Member


I think this is what you are lokking for:


Kind regards,


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