Master Cloud Identity Engine: Learn how to keep your identity data secure over the product life cycle

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Palo Alto Networks offers the capability to author intelligent identity-based Security policies across multiple offerings including next-generation firewalls, Prisma Access, and GlobalProtect for mobile users. Palo Alto Networks Cloud Identity Engine self-paced, digital learning courses introduce learners to identity and how identity works at Palo Alto Networks.



Training covers basic identity configurations on PAN-OS, Panorama, and Prisma Access products. You learn how to:

- Connect Cloud Identity Engine (CIE) to identify providers and pull users and groups into CIE
- Connect the next-generation firewall to Cloud Identity Engine data networks so that it can see the users and groups in the security policies
- Configure the correct certificates to be able to connect to the instance on CIE on the hub
- Implement features to block threats, pre-session, low-level packet and protocol attacks 
- Configure and set up Authentication using SAML and Certificates
- Implement identity at Prisma Access using the Cloud Managed and Panorama Managed platforms
- Create User-ID features such as dynamic user groups, dynamic address groups, and multi-factor authentication

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