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Resolved! ML gets stuck at "Pending"

I started by running the command scp export log traffic start-time equal 2018/07/30@00:00:00 end-time equal 2018/07/30@23:45:00 to expedition@ on my PA220. root@Expedition:/PALogs# ls -ltotal 64296-rw-rw-r-- 1 expedit...

mbowling by L1 Bithead
  • 26 replies

If You Need an OVA...

I created an OVA for my team and put it up here (Note, this isn't the official release now offered by PANW): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Z9GrCF8I_BZzpbEmEh6G75npo05_4G0c Be sure to go Settings > M. Learning > and change the Expedition ML Addres...

trice by L1 Bithead
  • 44 replies

Resolved! How to Upload configuration files bigger than 2MB

Expedition uses APACHE as a web server and PHP as module for the scripts. By default PHP allow users to upload files with a maximum size of 2M, this can be updated by changing the PHP.ini sudo vi /etc/php/7.0/apache2/php.ini go to line where this var...

alestevez by L7 Applicator
  • 5 replies

Boosting performance

Hi guys, I've followed your article to install Expedition on a Ubuntu 16.04 LTS server in order to benefit from a full sever capacity (DL-DL380-G9) - it worked great. > 24 cores, 256GB RAM, 6TB hdd. The aim is to use it for complex migrations, but al...

Resolved! ASA FQDN Objects

How does Expedition handle FWDN objects for zone mapping in the security policy from an ASA config migration? In the process of an ASA migration that has FQDN objects but the zones in the securiy policy migrated incorrectly.

Device Log Processing Issues

I am having an issue with M. Learning processing the logs files that I have uploaded for a specific device. Looking through the forum, I have tried everything that seems to apply, but the logs are still not processing, it just sits there. Is there a ...

Cisco ASA ACL applied to global

I am migrating a Cisco ASA config that has an ACL that is applied to global (access-group CSM_FW_ACL_ in interface if_global) as opposed to an interface. I believe I understand how this is applied in the ASA but noticed that Expedition did nothing wi...

aporue by L3 Networker
  • 2 replies

Description append in multi-edit.

In PAN-C one is able to append to the descriptions of multiple rules. Is there any plan to add that same functionality in Expedition? My client has had several instances where it was requested to add the same comment to multiple rules.

Can't install Expedition

Trying to install expedition using the script. The script can find a repository. any help would be great. Thanks. Fetched 325 kB in 1s (186 kB/s)Reading package lists... DoneW: The repository 'https://conversionupdates.paloaltonetworks.com expedition...

Can't install Expedition

Im trying to install expedition on an ubuntu server with no luck. It seems it can't find the required dependencies. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Fetched 325 kB in 1s (186 kB/s)Reading package lists... DoneW: The repository 'https://conversi...

Expedition Issues

I'm sorry to complain, but there are a number of issues i've found with this software. I've allocated ample resources to the VM. 1. The UI is really laggy, unresponsive, and the filter window often doesn't rspond to being closed. 2. It is not auto pr...

No space left on Expedition

Hello everyone. I have already deployed an Expedition virtual machine using OVF file. The initial hardware settings were: 16 GB of RAM 8 vCPUS 200 GBs of HDD The main intention of this Expedition is to receive logs from one firewall in the next 30 da...

Expedition with no space 5.jpg
Expedition with no space 3.jpg
Expedition with no space 4.jpg
Expedition with no space 2.jpg

Expedition can't process any csv

I've tried manually importing and using scp. I see the file. I see it's a supported panos version and still get an error for no files to process. drwxr-----+ 2 www-data www-data 4096 Aug 30 19:15 data -rwxr----- 1 www-data www-data 8118829895 Aug 30 ...