Nominated Discussion: Disable Local Account When NAC is Reachable

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This article is based on a discussion, Disable Local Account when NAC is reachable, posted by @BradleyFergel and answered by @Kiwi . Read on to see the discussion and solution!


Is there a way to disable the local account when an external authentication method is reachable? Only being able to log into the local account if it cant reach the external authentication server?


You can't disable an admin account directly on the administrator menu. However there's a little trick you can do:


First create a local user via Device > Local User Database > Users




Then create a local authentication profile and add the user to it via Device > Authentication Profile




Next add an administrator account for the same user and use the local authentication profile via Device > Administrators




This way you can simply enable/disable the admin account by checking/unchecking the 'Enable' box on the Local User profile:




Note: If you just need a fallback authentication method then you'll need to look into an authentication sequence where you can put multiple authentication methods in sequence where the firewall tries the configured methods sequentially from top to bottom and will deny access if ALL of the methods fail.

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