Nominated Discussion: What does "SWITCH" in hardware architecture mean?

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This Nominated Discussion Article is based on the post "what does "SWITCH" in hardware architecture mean? " by @emr_1  and responded to by @reaper .


One of my customers is using PA-3020 and thinking about replace.

When I compare the following diagrams, I have one question.


PA-3020 has dedicated "signature matching", "security processing", and "network processing" as below

Image 004.png


Compare to above, PA-400 has ONE dedicated processor with 3 features included.

Image 003.png


PA-3200 has THREE dedicated processors which are same as PA-3020.

Image 001.png


Here is question.

I can see Security Processor but can't find "signature matching" nor "network processing".

Instead, I can see "switch". What this switch really does? Is this same as "network processing"??


Image 002.png






The PA-3400 has a switch fabric instead of the fpga based network processor in the PA-3200, hence the relabelling

there's no FPGA's in the PA-3400 so no signature lookups on dedicated hardware

the PA-3200 slide is slightly misleading as the 3220 also doesn't have signature lookups on dedicated hardware



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