December 2022 Rewind: LIVEcommunity Highlights

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December 2022 Rewind: Top posts from LIVEcommunityDecember 2022 Rewind: Top posts from LIVEcommunity


Welcome to our December 2022 Rewind, where we review some of LIVEcommunity’s biggest headlines from the past month!


In December, we attended Ignite and connected with some LIVEcommunity members IRL; discussed new networking features in PAN-OS 11.0 Nova with the community; shared new episodes of PANCast, a Palo Alto Networks podcast; and much more. Read on to see what you missed in LIVEcommunity in December, a noteworthy finale to 2022 🎉.


Ignite '22 Recap



Another Ignite conference comes to an end! If you joined us last week in Vegas for Palo Alto Networks annual cybersecurity conference, Ignite 2022, we want to thank you for stopping by the LIVEcommunity booth. If you missed this year's sessions, don’t worry: many of them can be watched on-demand by logging into your account on the Ignite page and clicking on the top right-hand side menu.


The LIVEcommunity team also wants to extend a big thank you to our very own Cyber Elite experts @BPry, @TomYoung, and @MP18 for hanging with us at Ignite. Check them out playing Topgolf with LIVEcommunity manager @crasmussen


We can’t wait to see you next year at Ignite ‘23!


Cyber Elite Spotlight Interviews: @PavelK  & @TomYoung 


This month we got to know LIVEcommunity Cyber Elite experts @PavelK and @TomYoung via our Spotlight Interview series.


Our Cyber Elite members are among LIVEcommunity's top contributors and we are excited to be featuring them via our community interviews! Read our interviews with these two incredibly active and knowledgeable members now to learn more about who they are, their experience with Palo Alto Networks products, journeys in cybersecurity, and of course, the significance of being a LIVEcommunity Cyber Elite expert.


Pavel, who hails from Czech Republic, started his career as a System Administrator before becoming a Network Engineer and focusing on cybersecurity. He has more than 15 years of IT experience and holds his CCIE, which you can read more about in our Cyber Elite Spotlight Interview with @PavelK.


Tom is a Principal Network Architect and a four-time CCIE/CCDE, PNCSC/PCNSE with more than 20 years of networking/security experience. Read our Cyber Elite Spotlight Interview with @TomYoung now.


New Episodes of PANCast, a Palo Alto Networks Podcast


PANCast, a Palo Alto Networks podcast that provides actionable insights to customers, has two new episodes! Check them out now:


PANCast Episode 6: Understanding Firewall Security Policies



A firewall security policy may seem straight-forward enough, but with its suite of complementary features — appID, userID, URL filtering, SSL decryption, and more — it’s worthwhile to dig into how your policy actually works. Listen to this episode now for a refresher on the importance of security profiles and how Palo Alto Networks’ Best Practice Assessment Tool can help.


PANCast Episode 7: What to Know When Migrating to a Palo Alto Networks Firewall


All devices work differently and engineers might face challenges when migrating from one platform to another. In this episode of PANCast, learn key aspects of firewall migration, how to spot common issues when migrating to a Palo Alto Networks firewall and, more importantly, how to fix them.


New Networking Features with PAN-OS 11.0


Palo Alto Networks launched PAN-OS 11.0 Nova last month, including new advanced features and hardware.


For all the security folk who began their careers in networking, have you seen the new networking features for PAN-OS 11.0? There are many rich features like the PAN-OS integrated web proxy. Customers who require a legacy proxy in their environment can now leverage PAN-OS as a unified platform for maintaining the boundary edge. Check out all of the cool, new networking features for PAN-OS 11.0 Nova in this chart


Playbook of the Week: Securing the Cloud with Cortex XSOAR and Prisma Cloud

The number of risks and threats make securing cloud-based infrastructure, applications, and data extremely critical. Fortunately, Prisma Cloud was designed to secure infrastructure, workloads, and applications, across the entire cloud-native technology stack — throughout the development lifecycle and across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Read more about Automating Incident Response with the Prisma Cloud content pack.


Palo Alto Networks Introduces Medical IoT Security




Palo Alto Networks has announced a solution for healthcare providers: Medical IoT Security.


In response to the life-threatening attacks on connected healthcare devices, Palo Alto Networks designed a solution purpose-built to protect them. Medical IoT Security, based on the principles of Zero Trust security, provides comprehensive protection for connected medical devices that have exposed healthcare providers to the brunt of cybercriminals’ nefarious attacks. Read more about the benefits of Zero Trust IoT Security from Palo Alto Networks from @msehgal.


Announcing AIOps for NGFW 2.5


Palo Alto Networks is proud to announce the availability of AIOps for NGFW 2.5 and its new features that help customers improve the operational efficiency of managing firewalls. Read the blog to find out about improved Best Practice Assessments, security posture overview, dynamic thresholds and more.


Tips & Tricks: How to Harden Your Admin Access


You wouldn't leave your front door open. So why would you leave your firewall wide open? It can be shocking how many people leave their firewall vulnerable, simply because they never bothered to change the default password.


Check out three simple tips for hardening your admin access from @kiwi now.


Dec ‘22 Discussion Highlight: Posts With Accepted Solutions


Nominated Discussions help LIVEcommunity Solutions Engineers highlight a discussion that has an Accepted Solution, and turn it into an article with additional helpful information, documentation, and clarity! Here are the Nominated Discussions we published this past month:



More LIVEcommunity posts published in December:



You're now fully briefed on LIVEcommunity's December 2022 highlights!


If this was helpful, be sure to give this blog a thumbs up. See you next month!

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