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Unable to connect log collector to panorama

L0 Member

I have a panorama VM running on Azure, I am currently trying to bring up some log collector VMs also on azure to handle the logs of my firewalls.


I have been able to deploy the log collectors, but when I add the log collector to the panorama through the "Managed collectors" section, I do not get any connection status, the connection status is just blank.


I can ping the IP of the log collector from the panorama and vice-versa, but I am unable to connect the log collector to the panorama.


On checking the mp.logs of the log collector, i see this error - 

Error: pan_cmsa_tcp_channel_setup(src_panos/cms_agent.c:1196): panorama agent: SSL connect error. sock=16 err=1


On checking the panorama-status on the log collector, the panorama connected state is "No"


Kindly let me know if you have seen something similar and how you fixed it.


Who Me Too'd this topic