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PA-220 disk space issues

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As most with a PA-220 have experienced, regardless version running (currently latest 10.2.3-h2) root partition fills up all the time and have to run the disk-usage cleanup commands manually and tried enabling aggressive-cleaning as well, it just continuously hits level/ But it just fills up all the effin time:-)


With the root disk issues seemingly persistent (since at least the high 9 versions) and with the PA-220 only containing a measly 32GB, apart from the disk issues we are perfectly happy with the PA-220 and have a handful across our network, so does anyone know if there is a storage upgrade option? just want to be able to have a bigger eMMC storage in it if possible, either by buying and installing or any Palo support routes that would enable a swap of storage?


Any ideas?




Who Me Too'd this topic