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L3 Networker

Hi HilineISP_Tech,


It is not possible to my knowledge to implement NAC based on MAC on Palo Alto.

there is feature request see:


There is potential workaround maybe to achieve what you want but additional configuration would be needed.

You can configure DHCP on an interface on the Palo Alto firewall, you can use it for Guest device / BYOD.

Within the DHCP configuration you can edit the Reserved Address and in there you can add the personal devices/Bring Your Own Device(BYOD)  1) ip address 2) mac address 3) description device/owner.

Then you can create a security policy based on the IP address in MDHCP/Reserved Address to either allow or deny.


Regarding the Certificates, to my knowledge that is only possible when using Globalprotect and utilizing client certificates, but that is not applicable here as you are talking about BYOD/Personal devices in the office.




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